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2023 Trans Rockies Ultra Marathon - Day Camp for Big Kids - Checking In

Greetings from the Rockies where Mersey is super excited to be a sponsor and supporter of this incredible event.

Sub titled "Day Camp for Big Kids" - this adventure will take 500 athletes on a 100 mile journey over 6 days through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, starting in Buena Vista and snaking north to Avon / Vail and gaining 20,000 feet along the way.

Even better, Mersey Ultra Marathon Ambassador, Andrew McCain, is taking part and we will be following him along the journey and living vicariously through him. Its no easy feat, Andrew will be travelling up from 600ft above sea level to 10,000 ft with little time to acclimate and adjust before setting out on day 1.

We're also hoping to make tons of new friends for Mersey as we serve up Alabama Slammers, Old Fashioned's and Manhattan cocktails for the runners, support crews and volunteers over the week.

So, sit back, follow along and cheer these amazing people along as they follow their spirit through the mountains over the next few days.

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