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No 6

Double Rye


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Recipe No. 6 is a double Rye blend of 95% Rye and 51% Rye Barrels at 91 Proof. The barrels were laid down in North Carolina in 2018 when Mersey was born with mash bills designed by Gavin in collaboration with the master distillers. Aged in New American Oak Barrels for 4 years (51% Rye) and 3 Years (95% Rye). The barrels were dumped, blended and proofed down in Birmingham, AL. We name is Recipe No 6 as we selected and reviewed 3 different Rye combinations at different proofs to come up with the best blend for this release. #6 at 91 proof was the clear winner - bringing out the spicey 95% Rye along with the sweet taste of the 51% Rye.

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