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Giving Thanks for the Journey: A Toast to Event Organizers

For many years I have been a participant in races and events, towing the start line and expecting everything to go smoothly, celebrating the finish line with my friends, peers and coach, thanking a few volunteers along the way.

This year as I dived into supporting community events, particularly athletic ones, where I wasn’t at that start line or finish chute, I had a moment to see from a different angle (literally) a whole new perspective and had a moment of clarity on the value we derive from these moments.

Let's take a moment to celebrate the folks who came up with the idea (sometimes crazy) to travel in some way from Point A to Point B with some challenging format to make it a little tougher.

These events are what many of us spend time in our work weeks dreaming about, its where we get to unwind, rewind, accelerate, develop confidence, refine our techniques – it occurred to me it’s a moment of deep value add to our lives where we seek to add to the necessary daily grind that takes place in the ordinary course of a day or week.

We’ll spend 1,000 hours getting ready for the 3 or 4 or 10 hours on course that a creative and committed adventurer came up with and had the determination and courage to put together and bring us along too.

So, this year, let's drink a toast and give a portion of our thanks for those who bring us on the trail, give us that purpose to prepare for, keep us safe out there and celebrate the adventure with.


Gavin Poole

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