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Wingin' It- Will and Candice's Mersey Journey

We’re in a day and age where people are shackled to their phones and laptops. And while most of us are always on the go, rarely does the road take us far from home. That’s why modern-day adventurers Will Nichols and Candice Yuca stand out as true aficionados of exploration. From the rolling hills of Tennessee to the majestic peaks of Mount Rushmore, this dynamic duo traverses the United States, immersing themselves in historical wonders and breathtaking sights.

Will met Mersey Founder, Gavin, in Colorado while taking part in the TransRockies Run, The two connected quickly over the love of adventure and the  spirits of Mersey Rye.

Recently, Will shared insights into their exhilarating journey, with Mersey Craft Spirits' whiskey as a trusty companion. Whether navigating the open road in their van or embracing the freedom of two wheels, Will and Candice embody the spirit of exploration in its purest form.

"At every stop, we find ourselves sharing a sip of Mersey whiskey with strangers who share our passion for exploration," Will reflects. "It's not just about the destination; it's about the connections we make along the way."

One notable encounter took place at Sculpture Park, where they had the unique opportunity to share a toast with Mr. Porter himself, the sculptor behind one of the park's captivating artworks. The exchange of stories created a memorable connection that resulted in a toast to shared experiences.

Mount Rushmore, a symbol of American history, became the backdrop for another encounter. A chance meeting with a gentleman from Tennessee, a fellow bourbon enthusiast, unfolded into a delightful exchange of flavors and recommendations.

"It's more than just whiskey; it's a catalyst for camaraderie and shared moments," says Will. "Mersey Craft Spirits embodies the essence of our journey, and we're thrilled to share the experience with fellow adventurers we meet along the way."

The spirit of Mersey whiskey, echoes the tales of F.A. Poole's adventurous spirit, and resonates with those who seek the thrill of the unknown and the joy of genuine connections. As Will and Candice continue their journey, the open road remains a canvas for new encounters. Mersey Craft Spirits invites you to celebrate adventure with the people you meet as you make your way down new roads.

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