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A Year of Spirits, Legacy, and Adventure: Celebrating Mersey's First Anniversary on Grandparents Day

As the golden leaves of autumn rustle in the breeze & footballs fly in the air, we find ourselves celebrating not just one, but two remarkable milestones today. Mersey, our beloved craft spirits producer, is raising a toast to its first year of sales of Recipe No 6. And as fate would have it, this joyous occasion coincides with the heartwarming holiday of Grandparents Day, a day that beautifully mirrors the essence of Mersey's story—a tale of entrepreneurship, adventure, and the enduring bonds of family.

Legacy of Entrepreneurship

At the heart of Mersey lies a rich tapestry of entrepreneurial spirit that spans generations. It's a legacy that began 5 generations ago with our founder's great great grandparents, intrepid pioneers in their own right, embarking on a 3 month sailing voyage to far off islands. The entrepreneurial & independent fire that fueled their journey across oceans now burns brightly in every bottle of Mersey's handcrafted spirits.

Over a century ago, on their third continent in 30 years, FA Poole & Co., a blacksmith and farrier, opened its doors to the community. Today, we continue to honor that tradition of serving our community with artisanal spirits.

Crafting Adventure, One Sip at a Time

Adventure courses through our veins, and it's this adventurous spirit that flavors every drop of our spirits. Just as our grandparents embarked on daring journeys, Mersey strives to take enthusiasts on a journey of their own through the exploration of unique, handcrafted spirits.

Mersey has supported & participated in so many events this year, engaging with fans and followers in the Birmingham Marathon, Run Ride Rumble, BBC100, TransRockies Run and several others. We look forward to continuing to support and participate with you in the future too as Mersey remains committed to following your spirit and being out there.

Grandparents' Day Celebration

Today's celebration is particularly special because it coincides with Grandparents Day—a day dedicated to honoring those who have paved the way for us, just as our grandparents did for Mersey.

In their honor, we've curated a special cocktail that pays homage to their adventurous spirits and timeless wisdom. Incorporating ingredients from around the country - check it out

Looking Ahead

As we raise our glasses to toast to a year of success, adventure, and family heritage, we're reminded that our journey has only just begun. Mersey remains committed to crafting exceptional spirits, cherishing our family legacy, supporting & engaging our communities and inviting all of you to share in the adventure.

In the coming weeks, we are expanding our distribution to 40 new states with online ordering, bringing our handcrafted spirits to even more fans and adventurers across the country. We'll also be launching 3 new products in the next few months - Mersey Rye @ Barrel strength, a High Rye Bourbon and an American Single Malt, finished in Madeira barrels. Stay tuned to follow and hear when these are released.

Plug into the Pre Order for online sales here, we'll be shipping in 2 weeks!


Mersey's first anniversary is a testament to the enduring power of family, entrepreneurship, and adventure. We are grateful for the love and support of family, all those who have guided & advised along the way, loyal customers and the communities that have embraced us. Here's to many more years of crafting exceptional spirits, forging new adventures, and celebrating the legacy of our beloved grandparents. Cheers to Mersey's first year, and Happy Grandparents Day to all those who inspire us to reach for the stars!

See you out there



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1 commentaire

Mark W
Mark W
10 sept. 2023

I stumbled on Mersey a while back at an ABC store tasting and though I am leery of most "new" whiskeys, I was impressed. Mersey is now my first choice for indulging in something a little bit on the premium side. I know people have said it's good in cocktails (and it is), but it tastes so good on the rocks that it seems a shame to dilute it.

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