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Riding Strong: 50 Years of Birmingham Bicycle Club

Dive into the history of the Birmingham Bicycle Club as president Lloyd Maisonville shares an exclusive note on the club's 50th-anniversary milestone, and celebrates its partnership with Mersey Craft Spirits.

The Birmingham Bicycle Club celebrated its 50th year of putting on our BBC 100 Annual Century Event. Not many cycling clubs can say that they have been around 50 years let alone putting an annual ride on.

After coming out of Covid our club nearly collapsed at the end of 2020. Since that time, we managed to bring our membership from just 59 members to over 455 today, the highest ever recorded for our club.

Our BBC 100 event draws riders from all around the surrounding states of Alabama. This past year it was hosted in Ashville, AL to take advantage of the smooth rural roads with very little traffic making it a ride that people enjoy and look forward to joining.

To keep the cost to the riders down we rely heavily on sponsorship. This past year Mersey was a silver level Sponsor. Mersey participated in our Rider Early Packet Pick Up event held the night before the actual ride giving them an opportunity for some exposure to their products. This was well received by the participants.

The Birmingham Bicycle Club really appreciates having loyal sponsors that continue to support our efforts to keep people riding bicycles. We believe that sponsorship is a two-way street. We get some funds to support our events and sponsors get their names on our Banners / Ride Jerseys / T-Shirts and exposure to 455 members.

Since our Club is a nonprofit organization, our goal is not to make money. Any proceeds that we have, over and above our normal operating costs, are used to help promote safe cycling, cycling advocacy and Driver Awareness initiatives along with support of the “Annual Ride of Silence” in May each year. This ride is to bring awareness for those that have been killed while riding their bicycles.

We are very proud of what we have accomplished over the last 50 years, and it’s sponsors like Mersey that have allowed us to continue to support and build our cycling community.

Lloyd Maisonville

President, BBC

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